Oct 22 2009

Boooooooograss Monday at Amnesia!

Hey, folks,

Y’all ready for this? This day only comes but once a year: our annual Scarefoot Nellies Halloween show! We know you ain’t too yellow to come on down to Amnesia next Monday, round about 8:30 or so, to hear some good ol’ bluegrass tunes played the way they were meant to be played: in ridiculous costumes with a fog machine churning out clouds of some mysterious substance at every available opportunity. Monday, October 26 Amnesia 827 Valencia St. 8:30 until the witching hour Free! Beer specials until 8 pm www.amnesiathebar.com Be there or be scairt.

The Barefoot Nellies

Jess Beebe, bass
Betsy Maudlin, fiddle
Prentice Sellers, banjo
Nicole Solis, mandolin