It’s the end of an era

Our first-ever gig, at Amnesia, August 2004. Our fashion sense has certainly evolved.

Hey, folks–

About four years or so ago, the Nellies played our first monthly show at Amnesia. Since then, we’ve returned to that crimson-hued room on the fourth Monday of every month to play for pretty much the best crowd that a band could hope for.

This Monday, February 22, will be our last monthly gig at Amnesia–but never fear! We’ll be back on our regular day in the even-numbered months. But in the odd-numbered months, you can rely on other fine, fine bands for your bluegrass entertainment.

So come on down this Monday and celebrate the end of an era with us. And thanks for all your support over the years. We can’t tell you how much fun it is to play for people who are so determined to have a great time–dancing, chatting, hootin’ and hollerin’–on a Monday night. You’re troopers. So come on down, bring your requests, and be sure to yell ’em out real loud. Amnesia is our favorite place to play, and it’s all because of you, you, you.

The Nellies

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