Our non-denominational winter holiday gift to you

Don’t be fooled by their innocent looks. These guys play some mean bluegrass.

Hey, folks–

Why should Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) come but once a year? The Nellies have a special gift for all of you, our lovely fans–a fun, fun Amnesia show with our pals, the Whiskey Brothers. You may know them from their regular gig at the Albatross over in Berkeley or from their members’ ability to jam until sunrise at bluegrass festivals without repeating a single song. Come test their extensive knowledge of the bluegrass repertoire by requesting the most obscure songs you know. We have to keep these gentlemen on their toes.

Amnesia, 853 Valencia St., San Francisco. Nellies at 8:30ish, Whiskey Brothers at 10ish. Free like the true spirit of Christmas. More info on our gigs page.

The Nellies

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