Halloween show

Hey, folks–

First off, Nicole would like to send her apologies to Corinne, one of our favorite fans. Corinne asked the Nellies to play “Roly Poly,” and Nicole thought it was in the first set, when it turns out it was in the second set. Corinne, you weren’t there to hear it, but we did dedicate it to you.

Second, if you missed our annual Halloween show, last night, here’s what you missed.

The first mariachi bluegrass band. I think itll catch on.

The first mariachi bluegrass band. I think it’ll catch on.

And if you’re not sure if you were there or not, check this photo, taken around midnight.

Our fabulous audience.

Our fabulous audience.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and especially those of you who helped keep the fog machine going. It wouldn’t have been Halloween week without you.

The Nellies

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